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Homewatch CareGivers Strives to Make Healthcare Better

Healthcare is ever evolving. All providers and payors are encouraged to innovate. Let us work together to create an effective, coordinated continuum of care to meet new goals for cost-efficient, quality care and accessibility for patients. Homewatch CareGivers plays an essential role in that continuum.

Types of Services Provided in the Home Care Setting

Below is a breakdown of the types of services provided in the home care setting.

graphic outlining the Types of Services Provided in the Home Care Setting

Home Health Services

  • Focus: Rehabilitative, medical intervention for those that are home bound
  • Payer Source: Medicare, Medicaid, private health insurance, VA
  • Service Nature: Intermittent RN, PT, OT, SLP, MSW, HHA

Caregiving Services

  • Focus: Supportive services through companion and personal care in home and community
  • Payer Source: Private Pay, LTCi, BA Medicaid, Medicare Advantage
  • Service Nature: Intermittent and/or continuous CNA, HHA, caregiver employee

Hospice Services

  • Focus: Patient comfort - physical, mental, and spiritual ease for those with life-limiting illness
  • Payer Source: Medicare, Medicaid, private health insurance, VA
  • Service Nature: Intermittent and/or continuous RN, SW, aides, chaplain
1 in 9 people age 65 and older has Alzheimer's disease
80% of Americans over 65 have multiple chronic conditions
Loneliness has twice the impact on early death as obesity
Up to 70% nonadherence when regimens are complex and/or require lifestyle changes, such as diet
1 in 3 seniors have a fall each year
  • $34 billion
    $34 billion Annual cost of complications from falls
  • $300 billion
    $300 billion Annual cost of medication mismanagement
  • $903 billion
    $903 billion Estimated yearly Medicare spending by 2023
  • 50% of seniors do not take medications properly
  • 90% of seniors have difficulty utilizing health information resources
  • By 2050, nearly 50% of the population will be non-white, with differing ethnic and cultural traditions in diet and healthcare consumption

We Support an Effective, Coordinated Continuum of Care

We aim to earn your trust and have a long-term relationship with you and those you provide care to.

  • Communication:
    We keep care providers informed on status updates that are critical to overall care and avoiding complications - everything from changes in mental or physical function, to identification of red flags, to changes in family dynamics, and more. Communication from care providers is in turn equally valuable so we can make timely and appropriate adjustments to the plan of care. When it comes to communication, we are in this together to support an individual’s well-being and health outcomes.

  • Transportation:
    We ensure patients can get to and are prepared for procedures and appointments, as well as takes notes during, and help them run errands, such as to the pharmacy, which are particularly important to adherence when patients should not be driving, and no family caregiver is available.

  • Meal Preparation:
    We support patients in staying compliant to dietary restrictions and nutritional goals through shopping and meal preparation of healthy options, while honoring cultural traditions.

  • Medications:
    To improve adherence, our caregivers provide medication reminders based on a doctor's prescription, including when to take them, how to take them, and why they are taking them. Additionally, family members and other care providers can be notified of any missed dosages and possible side-effects.

  • Safety:
    To help avoid injury and hospitalization, our trained caregivers address risks associated with memory impairments, such as wandering from home or leaving the stove on, as well as with impaired functional status, such as falls, particularly associated with bathing and transfers.

  • Companionship/ Engagement:
    By helping patients stay engaged in their lives, we help them stay engaged in their care.

  • Telehealth:
    We can help patients prepare for and get connected to telehealth appointments with care providers. We can answer questions and take notes for the individual and family, as well as provide information to providers in advance. We also help the person stay connected with their friends and family to reduce loneliness, which data has shown has a significant impact on health outcomes.

  • Bridge Care:
    When someone plans to transition from home to a care community, but the move is delayed, we will partner with the community to help keep those individuals invested in the community. We can provide support by caring for the individual in their current home and can stay with them through the move as they settle in and become residents at the community. We will work to introduce them to the new environment and encourage them to engage in meaningful activities and outings with the community staff and residents who already live there to help them become familiar with the day-to-day life so when it is time to move in, they are excited and fully engaged.

The Homewatch CareGivers approach to care helps avoid the setbacks that can lead to expensive and difficult readmissions to the healthcare system. As a result, we achieve the aim of reducing costs and improving outcomes while patients can remain in their homes.

It all starts with working together. Let's start, today.

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Reviews from Health Care Providers

“Homewatch CareGivers is always great to work with when attempting to meet my clients needs. They have been able to staff fairly quickly and work hard on matching my clients with appropriate caregivers. When there are caregiver issues Homewatch CareGivers is quick to get them resolved. This is a difficult time for everyone with the shortage of quality caregivers but they continue to provide excellent care. I look forward to working with Homewatch CareGivers in the future.”

- MKiser

“As a social worker, I've referred many individuals & families to HWCG. In my experience they are absolutely dependable & reliable, and consistently provide an impressive level of quality, kind and compassionate personal care. Management staff always aware of patient/family/staff needs.”

- DFenske

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